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"A teen movie to end all teen movies... bites at all conventions until real blood flows along with tears of laughter."
- The Guardian

Last updated: February 19th 1999.
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Veronica Sawyer is an honorary member of the elite high school clique made up of three other girls called Heather. As much as Veronica enjoys being associated with the in-crowd, she recognises the horror of the 'Heathers' - their colour-coordinated codes and their calculating cruelty - and actually wishes them dead. When she falls for the new school rebel, a loner called JD she has found the answer to her secret desire.

February 19th 1999 : Hey peeps, I'm back! There's some new information I've got hold of so I thought it was about time for an update. On the Links page there is a new JD site. I recently found the original trailer for Heathers at the start of a "sex, lies and videotape" video, which contains footage not in the movie, this information can be found on the Versions page.

July 29th 1998 : On the Merchandise page, I've added a new place where on where to buy the British Quad poster and a picture of it. On the Links page there are 3 new sites. There are a few new Facts also, thanks to Lindsey. On the main page, there's information about Heathers being shown on TV in the UK.

Latest News

Very Bad JD
Christian Slater's latest movie, Very Bad Things has been very successful at the box-office. If you've not seen it you must, as we see Christian playing a character similar to JD, as a stag night goes wrong.

Heathers on TV
At last, if you live in the UK and haven't managed to buy Heathers on video you can now watch it on TV! It will be shown on Tuesday 4th August on Channel 4 at 10.00pm as the beginning of their vile teens season.

Heathers 2
Winona Ryder has been working with original director Michael Lehmann and scriptwriter Daniel Waters on the project, this time set in college. "There are Heathers everywhere," explains Ryder. "They don't have to be in school." I hope they do make the movie, I'd like to see what Veronica does to the new "Heathers". For more rumours and info visit the Sequel section.

Mailing List
You can now join the "How Very" Heathers mailing list, where you can discuss all aspects of the movie with other Heathers fans all over the world. Why not Join The List?

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